Who We Are

Milos Poseidon started a few years ago out of Captain Andreas’ passion for the sea. Born and raised in Milos, Andreas knows well the marine secrets and fishing is what he does best! In fact, he has been a professional fisherman for the last 35 years, since he was 16 years old.

With his fishing boat, Andreas will guide you safely around Polyaigo and Milos, and his many years of experience guarantee that you will surely catch your own fish.

We offer our clients the comfort and pleasure of personalized cruises around the beautiful shores of Polyaigos and Milos, creating an exceptional and unforgettable experience.

You can do what everyone does in Milos. Or you can let Milos Poseidon’s captain show you the sea’s deepest secrets…

Our mission

To create a unique of a lifetime on-board for every traveller, offering added value to his holiday.

Our vision

To provide quality services that exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our Values

Customer-first, Responsibility and Respect

What we do

Milos Poseidon organizes all the details regarding the spots, the time, the equipment and everything you may need to enjoy the trip.

Fishing tourism is a part of experiential tourism and gives to Milos’ visitors the opportunity to participate in various activities and traditional occupations of the locals. Specifically, it’s an intriguing activity of alternative tourism that enables holidaymakers to be part of the traditional fishing process and to catch their own fish.

So, embark on our boat, take fishing rod and enjoy a tour that will give your a new favourite activity.

Milos Poseidon offers the experience of a lifetime.