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Milos Poseidon nasce qualche anno fa dalla passione per il mare del Capitano Andreas. Nato e cresciuto a Milos, Andreas conosce bene i segreti marini e la pesca è ciò che sa fare meglio! Infatti è pescatore professionista da 35 anni, da quando ne aveva 16.

Con la sua barca da pesca, Andreas ti guiderà in sicurezza intorno a Polyaigo e Milos, e la sua pluriennale esperienza garantisce che catturerai sicuramente il tuo pesce.

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kleftiko 4

Partiamo tutti i giorni dal porto di Polonia.

Sali a bordo della nave “Andreas-Marios” per trascorrere un’escursione in mare unica facendo un tour perfetto di Polyaigo.

La più grande isola mediterranea disabitata con acque blu, turchesi e azzurre.

La nostra barca è ideale anche per tour privati/familiari.

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  • star rating  Last day at Milos...We had go to the most beaches in the island the previous days and we were surprised by the beauty of the island and got the greatest... read more


    star rating  Andreas was a perfect guide and great cook too. We saw Poliegos for the first time and were totally amazed. After swimming in the most incredible places, we had the... read more


    star rating  My wife and I travel many Greek Islands and always take boat tours. This by far was the best we ever did. This is for a several reasons. 1) It's... read more


    star rating  My wife and I went on a private tour with Captain Andreas around the island. We stopped at Kleftiko and other beautiful spots, went swimming, ate the lunch that... read more


    star rating  Chartered “Poseidon” as a family with our skipper, captain Andreas!
    Sailed from picturesque “Pollonia” in the morning, we spent the day touring the southern part of Milos, visiting spectacular... read more

    Nassos F

    star rating  Today we went for a private tour with Poseidon to and around Polyegos close to Milos island and had a wonderful day. The island and its beaches are fantastic, the... read more

    Ben B
  • star rating  We booked a one day tour and did not exactly know what to expect. The second we have arrived we felt it was the right decision and we had a... read more

    Thomas M

    star rating  If you visit Milos you should definitely go to Polonia and do the 'Milos Poseidon Boat Experience'. By far the best day we had on the island.
    Apart from the... read more

    Eleana K

    star rating  We did a tour of Poluaigos with Poseidon and it was an amazing experience. Beautiful beaches, stunning views, crystal clear waters. The captain, Andreas, is very polite and loves what... read more

    Erietta V

    star rating  In Milos there are places you can visit only by sea. One example is Kleftiko, one of the 10 best beaches in Europe according to Conde Nast Traveller and Tripadvisor;... read more


    star rating  We had such a wonderful time on this tour! Polyaigos was absolutely stunning and Andreas was was amazing!! He provided us with lots of snacks & refreshments and made us... read more


    star rating  The trip with with the boat was awesome. We made the tour around Polyaigos and visited the best parts of the island. The waters were so clear, i could see... read more

  • star rating  Andreas is very professional. We really recommend this tour in particular because its with a small group of people. You get to see so many beautiful sites on the island... read more


    star rating  We visited Milos for the second time this year in June and we were really looking forward to visit Polyegos, a small rocky island near Milos and Kimolos. The agency... read more

    eleana t

    star rating  What an incredible way to see Milos and surrounding islands! Our family of 7 was spoiled with a private tour to incredible swimming spots and to see rock formations. Andreas... read more


    star rating  This was a fantastic day on a fishing boat, led by a great captain Andreas, who was capable and friendly.
    First we watched as they pulled in the net, filled... read more


    star rating  One of the best experiences in mylos island.
    We visited kleftiko beach,all the stuff was very kind.Mr Andreas was very helpful and he guide us in the best beaches of... read more


    star rating  It was AMAZING.

    Firstly, Andreas is a sweetheart. He was always checking up on us to make sure everything was alright.

    The day of our excursion, we... read more

    Salim R

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