Choosing a private tour, you become the navigator. You can choose the cruising spots and the beaches you like to visit, so that you enjoy every moment of the journey! Captain Andreas is ready and willing to help you organize a unique daily cruise adjusted to your wishes and demands.

Milos Poseidon gives you the opportunity to enjoy a private sea tour and an unforgettable fishing experience, next to a professional fisherman. Captain Andreas will take you to quiet beaches to enjoy your swim in turquoise waters.

Explore Milos, Kimolos and Polyaigos with us and enjoy the unique beauties they offer. Make your own travel map! Milos is famous for its countless beaches and the it diversity of scenery, Kimolos has a special picturesqueness and unique beauty, while Polyaigos with its beautiful, crystal clear, turquoise waters can become the best part of your summer holliday.

Whether you’re looking for an escape around Milos, we provide all of the professional and personalized services to cover your individual needs. We have guided tour packages to suit any budget.

A perfect choice for couples, families and groups.

Milos poseidon Private tours

About Tour

  • About an hour after departing passengers will be treated with a light local delicacy. It will be Pitarakia and Ladenia (traditional types of pie).

  • While offshore, we will cast our nets, and the caught fish will be cooked and served for lunch. You can taste our unique recipe of Kakavia (Greek fish stew) and other fish related dishes. If net casting is not permited due to weather, shrimp pasta is served for lunch.

  • Fresh fruits and karpouzopita (traditional watermelon pie) are served for desert.

  • There is an open bar. Water, soft drinks, beer and wine will be available all day. Children under 18 are not allowed to consume alcohol.

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